A Girl In Love

A Girl In Love

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It can happen to any of us girls.  You are out on the town with friends when this guy starts hitting on you.  You decide to take him somewhere private, and then he starts hitting on you, pulling your hair.  He starts sucking on your tits, spanking you and trying to get you aroused.  The problem is that you are getting hard.  He shoves you down on the floor and pulls out his cock.  In your mouth it goes. He pulls out some handcuffs and proceeds to fuck your face hard.  You stand up and try to get him off before he decides to fuck your ass.  Too late.  He pulls down your tight pants, plays with your cock and then turns you around.  No lube, just skin on skin.  He fucks you hard and before he cums in your ass he pulls out, pushes you down and cums all over your face.  How do you go back to your friends looking like that?

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  1. that is a great way to end an evening.